Sizing is usually specified as either Small, Medium, Large, S/M, M/L or One Size.

As a general rule you can apply the following:

Small - sizes 0 - 6 or Chest +-35” Waist +- 29'‘ Hips +- 37.5'‘

Medium - sizes 6 - 12 or Chest +-37” Waist +- 31'‘ Hips +- 39.5'‘

Large - sizes 8 - 14 or Chest +-39” Waist +- 33'‘ Hips +-41.5'‘

One Size - sizes 0 - 14 (unless specified otherwise)

S/M - fits both small or medium

M/L - fits both medium or large

Shipping + RETURNS

If you would like to return an item, return within 7 days after receipt to arrange for an exchange or a credit. Please note that no refunds are issued.

Email to facilitate the return process. Include your name, invoice number and the reason for the return. A credit or exchange will be processed 3 - 5 business days upon reception of the merchandise. Please note that shipping fees are not refundable. Customers are responsible for costs related to returning the merchandise. Items cannot be returned once worn or damaged and must be returned in a suitable condition for resale.